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Olentangy Orthodontics Service Announcement:

For the health and safety of all patients, the Olentangy Orthodontics staff, all families, and the community, I have decided to temporarily suspend all non-emergent orthodontic services.  We will continue to monitor the situation and update you as it evolves. 


I understand the inconvenience this will create for our patients and their families and also how disappointing this will be for those who were scheduled to have their braces removed.  As a healthcare provider with a Masters in Public Health I believe this is the right call. 


This was an extremely difficult decision to make.  As a small business owner, my livelihood depends on seeing patients.  I researched all resources available to me and could not find an adequate way to protect my patients, staff, and the community.  As orthodontists, we work intimately in patients’ mouths.  We use equipment that produces a great deal of aerosol and splashing.  I do not believe current mitigations are nearly adequate.


By suspending all orthodontic services we will stop consuming the essential PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and sanitization supplies that are running in critically short supply at hospitals across the nation. 


I care about the health of my patients, my employees, and the community.  Hopefully many of you are healthy and if you get the disease you will be able to recover quickly, in your homes and without issue.  As we have seen in China, South Korea, and Italy, many of us will require hospitalization and our hospitals are rapidly reaching capacity.  We must all do our part to help ensure that those who need lifesaving care receive it.


While Governor DeWine has not yet mandated that dental offices close, I am proactively suspending services to do my part as a healthcare professional and community member to lessen the negative impacts COVID-19 will have on us all.  Together, we can “flatten the curve”.


We will continue to post updates on our Facebook page and on olentangyorthodontics.com. 


I am committed to the health and safety of my patients, my team, and the community. Please stay healthy and look out for one another.


We are investigating viable options for conducting virtual appointments and exams.


Thank you for your patience and understanding.  If you have any questions please call us at 740-548-9912.


Edith Y. Kang, DDS, MPH, MS

Dr. Edith Kang
Specialist in Orthodontics

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Powell, Ohio 43065
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