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Instructions for Headgear

Wear your headgear at least 8-10 hours every day.  This can be done after school hours and while sleeping.  Wearing your headgear does not have to be continuous.  You can add up hours between activities or meals.

Do not wear your headgear to school, while riding in a car, or while playing with friends or family members.  If you are having a sleep over or going over to a friend’s house for a sleep over, you do not have to wear your headgear.  Just add extra time on the weekend for the time that you missed. 

Your headgear is safe to wear if worn properly.  Wearing it when you are horseplaying can result in damage to your headgear or injury to yourself or others.  Your headgear also has a safety mechanism that allows it to detach if it is pulled too tightly. 

Neck straps and head straps of your headgear are washable.  Just remove all the attachments and wash with your normal laundry.

If you have a Reverse Pull Head Gear/Facemask, you can wash this with soap and water.  Sometimes the Facemask can cause irritation of your skin.  You can apply moleskin to “cushion” the areas that contact your face.  This can easily be found in the grocery or drugstore in the foot care section. 

Record the amount of time you wear your headgear on the timesheet that was given to you.  Extra timesheets can be printed here.


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