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Instructions for Retainers
Your orthodontic treatment is complete and you have a beautiful smile to show everyone! 

Now, you must take care of your beautiful smile!  Your smile was an investment of time and money.  Protect it!

Remember!  Wearing your retainers is the only way you will keep your teeth straight and keep that beautiful smile you worked hard for. 

What do retainers do?
Your retainers help keep your teeth straight and give your gum tissues and bone time to adapt to the new position. If you do not wear your retainers as instructed, your teeth will shift.

So it is very important to wear your retainers.

How long should I wear my retainer?
You must wear your retainer for as long as you want to keep your teeth straight.

Instructions for Removable Retainers
1.  Your retainers are to be worn all the time (day & night) unless told differently
     by Dr. Kang.
2.  Take your retainers out to eat and brush your teeth.  Store your retainers in
     the case provided, especially when eating away from home. 
3.  Brush and floss your teeth thoroughly.  Clean your retainers by brushing them
     with soap and water daily or more frequently if needed. You may use Retainer
     BriteTM or other denture type cleaner 1 time per week, if you desire.  Do not soak
     your retainers in mouthwash, rubbing alcohol, hot water, or bleach.
4.  If you don’t wear your retainers for a while, your teeth will shift and the retainers
     will fit very tightly.  If this happens, wear your retainers all the time (all day & all
     night) until they feel normal again.
5.  If your retainers do not fit, are uncomfortably tight, or are damaged or lost, call
     our office.  Dr. Kang will evaluate whether the retainers can be adjusted to fit or
     if you will need new retainers.  Our office telephone number is 740-548-9912.

How to damage or lose your retainers
(What NOT to do)

1.  Put them in your pocket or purse unprotected or in a ziplock bag.  Wrap them
     in a napkin or tissue and they accidentally get thrown away.
2.  Play with your retainers by clicking them with your tongue or manipulating them
     with your fingers.  Chewing on your retainers.
3.  Put your retainers in a hot car, hot water, washing machine, dish washer, or
     strong cleansing solution.

4.  Leave your retainers laying around (even in the case) for your pets to chew and
     destroy or for someone to step on.

5.  Boil them in hot water to “sterilize” them.
     Soak your retainers in rubbing alcohol, mouthwash, bleach, or other strong  
     cleansing solution.
6.  Store your retainers in the case without cleaning them - allowing the retainers to
     stain, smell, and grow mold.


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