Our office exceeds ADA, CDC, ODA, OSHA and other relevant regulatory agency guidelines.

Below are a few things to expect when you visit our office.

What you can expect from us

A clean, safe environment.

We maintain a rigorous sanitization schedule throughout the day using EPA approved cleaners and methods. Our building’s HVAC system is equipped with HEPA filters and we use localized HEPA filters at each treatment station and staff location. For aerosol generating procedures, we may use an extra-oral suction unit to capture any respiratory droplets or aerosols released.

Read more about how we ensure you breathe clean air.

We are closely monitoring public health conditions and may be required to adjust our policies to reflect current circumstances. Please don’t hesitate to check this page before all visits.

Face coverings are optional

You are welcome to arrive at our office wearing your own face covering. If you forgot yours, we will be glad to provide one.

Reschedule if you are sick

Please contact our office if you are experiencing any symptoms of illness. We’ll be glad to assist you in rescheduling your appointment.

Staff preparation

Our staff wear appropriate protective equipment for the procedures they are conducting and they conduct regular wellness checks. Staff will wear a mask when performing procedures on patients.

Brush and rinse

Our brushing stations have reopened so you may brush and rinse before being seen.

We use special extraoral suction devices by Vaniman to capture particles generated during treatment.

Maintaining Clean Air in Our Office

One of the most effective ways to control the spread of respiratory illnesses (such as colds, flu, and COVID) is by preventing respiratory droplets and aerosolized particles from dental procedures from making it into the air.

In addition to maintaining multiple HEPA filters throughout the building, when we perform aerosol generating procedures, we employ special extraoral suction units that catch and filter any respiratory droplets or aerosol generated. This way, we keep the air clean for the next patient. We also operate HEPA filters at every patient and staff station in our building and we employ high efficiency filters in our HVAC systems.

Dr. Kang and the staff routinely review infection control protocols to maintain the highest standards possible for their patients. When you or your loved one comes into our office, you can be confident the environment is clean and safe.