Our office exceeds ADA, CDC, ODA, OSHA and other relevant regulatory agency guidelines.

Below are a few things to expect when you visit our office.

What you can expect from us

A clean, safe environment.

We maintain a rigorous sanitization schedule throughout the day using EPA approved cleaners and methods. Our building’s HVAC system is equipped with HEPA filters and we use localized HEPA filters at each treatment station and staff location. A patient’s mask is off only while procedures are being completed. For aerosol generating procedures, we use an extra-oral suction unit to capture any respiratory droplets or aerosols released.

Read more about how we ensure you breathe clean air.

What we expect from our visitors

Face coverings are required

Please arrive to our office wearing your own face covering and be prepared to wash or sanitize your hands upon arrival. Masks are removed and procedures conducted in the presence of specialized air filtration systems.

Reschedule if you are sick

Please contact our office if you are experiencing any symptoms of illness or if you have traveled to a location on Ohio’s travel advisory list in the past two weeks. We’ll be glad to assist you in rescheduling your appointment.

Check in from your car

To limit contact, our waiting area is closed. When you arrive, simply text 614-918-1901 to check in. We will text you back when it is time to come in.

Wellness check

Prior to your appointment, please complete the wellness questionnaire available here. Our staff will go over this with you and verify your temperature when you arrive to ensure nothing has changed.

Staff preparation

Our staff will be wearing a bit more protective equipment than usual including medical masks, safety glasses, face shields, and gowns. For some procedures, your doctor may wear a full-face respirator.

Brush and rinse

Our brushing stations are closed so please brush your teeth before you arrive. We’ll give you a mouthwash to use before your treatment.

We use special extraoral suction devices by Vaniman to capture particles generated during treatment.

Maintaining Clean Air in Our Office

The most effective way to control the spread of respiratory illnesses, like COVID-19, is by preventing respiratory droplets and aerosolized particles from dental procedures from making it into the air. We do this by limiting the number of people in our building and by requiring everyone in the building, except of course for patients undergoing a procedure, to wear a mask. This way, when a patient is without their mask, they are breathing clean air.

During patient procedures

In addition to maintaining multiple HEPA filters throughout the building, when we perform aerosol generating procedures, we employ special extraoral suction units that catch and filter any respiratory droplets or aerosol generated. This way, we keep the air clean for the next patient. We also operate HEPA filters at every patient and staff station in our building. Finally, we schedule procedures strategically, so that there is adequate time for air and surface cleaning between each patient.

Dr. Kang and the staff routinely review infection control protocols to maintain the highest standards possible for their patients. When you or your loved one comes into our office, you can be confident the environment is clean and safe.