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Instructions for Braces

Please help us keep your treatment on time so you can get to that great smile faster!
Following these guidelines will help keep your treatment on track!

1.  Keep all of your appointments and arrive on time.
    -Missed appointments can significantly lengthen treatment time.
    -Being late to your appointment may result in us rescheduling you
    -Our office schedules patient appointments approximately 6-8 weeks in advance.
     When rescheduling a missed appointment, a late arrival appointment, or an
     appointment that was cancelled the week of your appointment, please understand
     that it may be several weeks before we have appointment availability at your
     preferred time.  Other times may be available sooner.

2.  Donít break appliances.
    -Broken wires and brackets can stop or reverse progress, delaying treatment.
    -Multiple occurrences could result in appointment times during school or work
     or additional fees.

3.  Follow all of Dr. Kangís instructions.
    -Choosing only to follow instructions part of the time will slow movement of teeth.

4.  Brush and floss as directed.
    -Clean teeth and healthy gums make treatment more comfortable and successful.
    -Poor hygiene could result in decay, decalcification, permanent white spots, and
     gingivitis or plaque buildup.

Hard Foods:
Hard candy        Corn chips/Tacos        Popcorn         
    Jerky                  Ice              
    Pizza crusts       Corn on the cob         Jolly Ranchers
    Whole fruits/veggies

Soft foods:
    Bubble gum        Starbursts                  Sugar Daddies
    Tootsie Rolls       Gummy Bears           Carame
    Taffy                    Chewy Candy            Sugary drinks

-Cut whole foods into smaller pieces
-Use common sense! Ask yourself: Is this food too hard, crunchy, chewy,
or sticky?



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