Treatment Options

Technological advances have made it possible for children and adults to enjoy the benefits of orthodontic treatment while maintaining an active lifestyle and an attractive/professional appearance.


Traditional metal braces are what comes to mind when most people think about orthodontic treatment. It has been the primary method of orthodontic correction for decades and is still the gold standard of orthodontic treatment because of the wide range of treatment capabilities offered. 

Advances in braces have made them sleeker, smoother, less painful, and more precise in their ability to aid tooth correction.  

Clear Braces

Clear or Ceramic braces are a less visible option to traditional metal braces.  Clear braces are often chosen by adults for their esthetic appeal. Most clear braces are made of a crystalline ceramic that blends in with your natural tooth color and make it less noticeable that you have braces. Teens also choose clear braces as a fun way to show off colorful ties on their braces.

Whether you want traditional metal braces or clear braces, at Olentangy Orthodontics, we don’t charge more for clear braces or custom colored elastics…you choose which style suits you the best!

Clear Aligners

You can have a beautiful smile without braces.

Clear Aligners are a series of custom molded clear plastic trays made from digitally manipulated models of your teeth. Clear aligners are virtually invisible and can be removed to eat and brush.  To get the most benefit from clear aligners you must wear your aligners approximately 22 hours a day. Traditionally, clear aligners were chosen solely for adults who desired a cosmetic improvement in their smile that was limited in scope.  Now clear aligners can be used for many different conditions and for children through adults. 

There are many different brands of clear aligners. Olentangy Orthodontics uses Invisalign® and 3M Clarity® clear aligner brands among other lab fabricated clear aligners to help you achieve the smile you have always wanted.


When your teeth need a little nudge.

Patients who complete comprehensive treatment receive a set of retainers to protect and maintain their smile, but they can do more. Occasionally, retainers can be used alone, without braces, to treat conditions involving limited tooth movement such as very minor crowding.

We offer a variety of retainer types for post-treatment and minor improvement. A consultation with Dr. Kang can help identify if you are a candidate for limited tooth movement treatment with a retainer alone.