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Instructions for Expanders

You must keep your palate expander and teeth clean
    -Clean teeth and gums help prevent tooth decay
    -Puffy, unbrushed gums can slow tooth movement and increase the time you
     wear an expander and braces
    -Unhealthy gums can lead to bone loss around the teeth
-Hard sticky foods and candies (large raw fruits and vegetable, caramels, taffies)
-Hard crunchy foods (Hard pretzels and corn chips can get stuck in your appliances and can break them )
-Biting on ice, mints, or other hard candies

What to expect with your palate expander
There will be some discomfort and or slight pressure on the teeth, gums, under the eyes and sides of the nose as the expander is turned.  This usually happens within the first 3-4 days and they there will be a sudden relief of pressure.  Sometimes you may hear or feel a “pop” as the palatal suture separates.  This is normal. 
You may also see a gap develop between the front teeth.  This is normal.

If the discomfort is too much, take a day off and resume the turns the next day.  If the discomfort continues, call our office at 740-548-9912. 

Remember to record the turns that you completed on the calendar that was given to you. 
You can print additional calendars forms here.


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